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iTera-Classic 2.2 with COOL Setting

iTera-Classic 2.2 with COOL Setting

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The iTeraCare Solution!

This revolutionary device incorporates three top technologies:  terahertz, quantum and optical quartz. Additionally, its component has been created with more than one hundred trace elements.

The iTeraCare unit sends these technologies deep into the body's tissues up to 20-30 cm which helps improve your overall health.

5 Key Features

  • Penetration: Terahertz penetrates deep into the body's tissues, reaching into the bone marrow, and enhances blood circulation.
  • Activation: Terahertz waves resonate with our body's cells at millions of vibrations per second and activates cells and strengthens the DNA.
  • Identification:  Repairs damaged cells and tissues affected by free radicals.
  • Peace of Mind:  Non-ionizing and safe to use with zero radiation.
  • User Friendly:  Easy and convenient to use on a daily basis (infants, adults and the elderly)

Device Specs

Model: DS-313
Power: 600W-800W
Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 50Hz
Length: 12.91” (327.88mm)
Sound : ≤65dB
3 Heat Modes and Air Speeds: Low, Medium and High
Usage Time:  45 Minutes (allow device to fully cool down prior to subsequent uses)
Protective Hard Case Box with Handle


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  • This device is not considered medical treatment.  Please speak to your sponsor/distributor for additional instructions on protocols for using the device.   As always, if you have concerns about using this device related to your personal health, it is important that you speak to your primary care physician about your concerns.

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